▧ What roof shapes could install synthetic thatch roof?

Synthetic thatch roof is suitable for installlation for various roof shapes, no matter round roof, hexagonal roof, octagonal roof, gable roof, gambrel roof, hip roof, flat roof, shed roof, or mansard roof.

▧ Is sub-roof required for synthetic thatch installation?

Artificial palm thatch roof does not need sub-roof.

Other synthetic thatch installation need sub-roof, such as plywood or OSB board on the bottom and then waterproof membrane for waterproof request.

▧ What kind of buildings to use artificial thatch products?

No matter residential application or commercial application, artificial thatch products are perfect options. 

Artificial thatch roof materials could be used for buildings of:

Tiki hut thatch roof

Palapa thatch roof

Bungalow thatch roof

Nipa hut thatch roof

Bali hut thatch roof

Treehouse thatch roof

Villa thatch roof

Gazebo thatch roof

Cottage thatch roof

Pavilion thatch roof

▧ Is synthetic thatch fire retardant?

Using fire retardant additives, synthetic thatch roof products could have fire rated performance.

Among all synthetic thatch products, PVC thatch and nylon thatch are the best for fire retardant.

▧ How to ensure the quality of faux thatch roof products?

Genuine materials are so important. At the same time, it is necessary to use compound additives for both UV rays retardant and antioxidant.

▧ Will you be able to finish production of plastic thatch roof quickly?

We have some facilities for production. We could finish your thatch roof order soon.

For small orders of thatch, we could finish production in 7-10 days.

For common quantity, we could finish production in 20-30 days.

▧ How to order your fake thatch roof tiles?

The normal order procedure is as below:

◮ We could send you catalog and product list for your choice of the model number.

◮ Quote you according to your choice of the model number and your quantity.

◮ Samples are available for your checking of the style and quality.

◮ After you confirm the sample, we send you proforma invoice for payment.

◮ Arrange the shipment after we receive your full payment.

◮ We send you the documents for your customs clearance.

▧ How to make sure the transaction safe for ordering imitation thatch from you?

◮ Welcome you to visit us if it is convenient for you.

◮ If you have other friends in China, we welcome them to go to our factory for visit and inspection of the cargo.

◮ We also welcome you to send third party inspection companies' staff to check our company or inspect the cargo.

▧ How you arrange shipment of plastic thatch?

We could arrange the shipment of plastic thatch by ocean transport or air transport or courier.

▧ Do you have many artificial thatch roofing projects overseas?

We have thatch roof projects in various countries:

◭ America continent:

USA, Canada

◭ Middle and South America continent:

Costa Rica, Panama, Trinidad and Tobago, Jamaica

◭ Southeast Asia:

Philippines, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia, Singapore

◭ Africa:

Kenya, Seychelles, Equatorial Guinea

◭ Oceania:

Australia, New Zealand, Cook Islands, Micronesia, Guam, Fiji, Palau, Vanuatu, Saipan

◭ Europe:

Ireland, Greece, UK, Finland, Spain

◭ Middle East:

Israel, Qatar, UAE, Saudi Arabia

◭ South Asia:


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