• Spring Festival Holiday Arrangements Feb 01, 2024
    Dear valued clients, We hope this message finds you well. We would like to take this opportunity to inform you about the upcoming Spring Festival holiday arrangements at Beatles Co. In observance of the Spring Festival, our company will be closed from February 8 to February 18. During this time, our operations and production will be temporarily suspended. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and kindly ask for your understanding. The Spring Festival is an important and traditional Chinese holiday, also known as the Lunar New Year. It is a time for family reunions and celebrations, and we believe it is essential for our staff members to spend quality time with their loved ones. Please note that any orders placed during this period will experience a delay in processing and shipment. Our team will do their utmost to minimize any disruptions and ensure a smooth transition once we resume operations on February 19. We encourage you to plan your orders in advance to avoid any inconvenience. Rest assured that all pending inquiries and requests will be attended to promptly upon our return. Thank you for your continued support and patronage. We wish you a joyful and prosperous Spring Festival filled with happiness and good fortune. Should you have any urgent matters or questions, please do not hesitate to contact us before the holiday break. Our dedicated team will be available to assist you to the best of their abilities. Warmest regards, Beatles Co.
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  • Beatles Co. to Introduce Innovative Thatched Roof Panels in Japan Jan 12, 2024
    Beatles Co. to Introduce Innovative PVC Straw Thatched Roof Panels in Japan We are thrilled to announce that Beatles Co., a leading manufacturer in the artificial thatch roof manufacturing industry, is set to revolutionize the Japanese market with our newest product-artificial straw thatch roof panels with our partners in Japan market. These panels, made from high-quality PVC material, not only boast exceptional durability but are also completely fireproof, ensuring the safety of our customers. The Japan partner ordered 5500 pieces of PVC thatch roof for their client recently. Once packed onto eight pallets, our products will be ready for shipping via ocean transport to Nagoya port. The estimated delivery time is approximately 3-5 days, ensuring a prompt arrival and minimal waiting period for our valued customers. With strong production capacity of synthetic thatch tiles, we can cater to the increasing demand for eco-friendly and aesthetically pleasing roofing solutions for Japan market. To cater to our clients' diverse preferences, we offer customizable color options, allowing them to achieve their desired look effortlessly. Excitingly, our clients are showcasing great interest in our products, with plans to visit our company at the end of this month. During their visit, we will have the opportunity to discuss additional offerings, including synthetic palm thatch roof and plastic reed thatch roof. We aim to forge strong partnerships and promote our range of exceptional roofing solutions throughout Japan. As pioneers in the plastic thatch industry, Beatles Co. remains committed to delivering top-notch products accompanied by exceptional customer service. Collaborating with us guarantees access to innovative solutions that seamlessly blend functionality and aesthetic appeal, adding value to every project. For more information about our groundbreaking product line or to schedule an appointment with our representatives, please reach out to us at or Experience the excellence of artificial straw thatch roof panels by Beatles Co. and elevate your roofing projects to new heights.
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  • Growing Synthetic Thatch Roof Manufacturer Relocates to New State-of-the-Art Facility Dec 19, 2023
    December in Xiamen, leading synthetic thatch roof manufacturer, together with plastic bamboo and woven artificial bamboo mats production, has announced its upcoming relocation to a new, state-of-the-art facility. The company's continuous growth, expansion of machinery, advanced craftsmanship, and diverse product range have prompted this strategic move to a dedicated four-story building. With this relocation, the company aims to optimize its manufacturing processes and enhance production capabilities. The new facility boasts cutting-edge technology and increased production capacity, allowing for improved efficiency and shorter lead times to meet the growing demand for synthetic thatch roof products. We have purchased an automatic machine for synthetic palm thatch roof production, this machine have big production capability, one day we could produce about 3000 pieces of 1000x680mm size artificial palm thatch tiles. And with this new machine, we could produce two tones color palm thatch roof; moreover, we could produce several thicknesses of palm thatch tiles to meet various clients' request. The other machines we purchase include: Synthetic Reed Thatch Roof Production Line Artificial Bamboo Woven Ceiling Matting Production Line Beatles Co's commitment to delivering high-quality and durable synthetic thatch roof solutions has garnered trust among customers globally, ranging from resorts, hotels, theme parks, and residential projects. This relocation further reflects their dedication to providing innovative and sustainable products for various architectural and design applications. The new facility, strategically located in Xiamen city, provides a spacious and modern setting for the company's research and development initiatives, allowing them to continually explore new materials and techniques while maintaining uncompromising quality standards. "We are excited about this significant milestone in our company's journey," remarked Mr. Chow, the spokesperson for our company. "The relocation to this cutting-edge facility showcases our dedication to delivering top-notch synthetic thatch roof products, creating exceptional experiences for our valued clients worldwide." The transition to the new facility is expected to be completed by December 23-25. The company assures its customers and partners of uninterrupted service during the relocation process. For further information regarding the company's relocation and updates on its wide range of synthetic thatch roof, plastic bamboo, and woven artificial bamboo mat products, please visit our website (; or contact Jack Lim at ### About Beatles Co., Xiamen Beatles Building Material Co., Ltd is a leading manufacturer of synthetic thatch roof, plastic bamboo, and woven artificial bamboo mats. With a commitment to innovation and sustainability, they provide high-quality solutions for various architectural and design projects worldwide. With the up...
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  • Showcase of Artificial Thatch and Bamboo Mat Project for Park Villa Pavilions in Saudi Arabian Nov 13, 2023
    In recent years, the demand for environmentally friendly and sustainable building materials has been increasing. One proof of this trend is the successful implementation of an innovative project in a villa in a park in Saudi Arabia. This project showcases the use of artificial thatch and bamboo mats, providing a beautiful and environmentally friendly solution for the roof. The client of this project requires the use of artificial thatched roof materials, including ordinary thatched roof panels, thatched roof eave panels, round top cap, thatched roof ridge tiles, and simulated bamboo mats. The artificial thatch material uses 50% LLDPE+50% PVC, with the addition of flame retardants. The artificial thatch used in this project provides a realistic and visually appealing alternative to traditional natural thatch. It is made of high-quality synthetic fibers, replicating the texture and appearance of natural thatch, while also possessing many advantages: durability, fire resistance, low maintenance, and sustainability. Secondly, the project also uses artificial bamboo mats to enhance the overall aesthetic, while providing many practical advantages: realistic appearance, versatility, weather resistance, and environmental friendliness.
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  • Fiji's Exclusive Real Estate Projects Embrace Luxury with Artificial Palm Thatch Roofing Sep 15, 2023
    Artificial palm thatch roofs exude a tropical charm and elegance that instantly transports visitors to a luxurious and exotic atmosphere for island real estate development. The use of artificial palm thatch can replicate the authentic look of natural palm thatch roofs, providing a sense of luxury and exclusivity to the development. Fiji has lots of islands, they are exclusive and luxurious destination where everything is centred around you and your needs. Artificial palm thatch roof tiles could be used for the construction to create ideal place for relaxation, rejuvenation and unsurpassed barefoot elegance. Plastic palm thatch tiles are suitable for construction of buildings such as palapa, tiki hut, bure, pavilion, pergola, bungalow, cottage, gazebo, etc.  Xiamen Beatles Building Material Co., Ltd is thrilled to announce the successful production and delivery of more than 20,000 pieces of artificial palm thatch roofing for Fiji's prestigious real estate projects. This collaboration marks a significant milestone in enhancing the opulence and allure of the island's exclusive developments. Designed to adorn pavilions, pergolas, tiki huts, palapas, gazebos and more, the synthetic palm thatch roofs provide an authentic and luxurious tropical ambiance that epitomizes Fiji's captivating natural beauty. The partnership between Beatles Co., and Fiji's real estate sector demonstrates a commitment to architectural excellence and creating an unparalleled destination for discerning buyers. The artificial palm thatch roofing, meticulously crafted to replicate the look of natural palm thatch, offers an array of benefits that contribute to the overall appeal and functionality of the real estate projects. Imbued with the elegance and serenity of high-end resorts, the palm thatch roofs infuse an exclusive charm that transports residents and visitors to a world of luxury. The selection of artificial palm thatch showcases Fiji's dedication to sustainable practices and environmental preservation. By opting for synthetic materials, the real estate projects exemplify a commitment to responsible building practices, reducing the impact on natural palm resources while contributing to long-term durability and low maintenance requirements. Beatles Co.,'s expertise in synthetic thatch roofing ensures that the artificial palm thatch delivers uncompromising quality and withstands Fiji's tropical climate with resilience. Engineered for longevity, the roofs offer superior wind resistance, UV protection, and moisture resistance, ensuring the preservation of their captivating appearance even in demanding weather conditions. Through this collaboration, Fiji's real estate projects will provide a haven of luxury and exclusivity, combining traditional island charm with modern construction practices. Homeowners and visitors alike can indulge in the distinctive atmosphere created by the artificial palm thatch roofing, fostering a sense of escape and tranquility within the vibrant ...
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