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Summer Gathering House Synthetic Tahiti Thatch Roofing

Tropical Tiki Structure Nylon Tahiti Thatch Roofing

Artificial tahiti thatch roof panels are eco-friendly, tropical aesthetically pleasing. Plastic tahiti thatch tiles could enhance your outdoor tiki theme decoration and make it a great summer gathering places.

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    1000 pieces
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    Xiamen, China
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    15-30 days
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Nylon Tahiti thatch roof could help you create tropical theme tiki bar structures. You could treat your guests with great relaxed ambient for summer gatherings with the thatched roof tiki buildings. Beatles Co., supply high quality nylon tahiti thatch panels for ocean buildings. Nylon material thatch roof panels could withstand high temperature and high humidity ocean weather. The higher humidity area, the longer lifespan for nylon thatch roof. So, nylon thatch roof panels are very suitable for tropical ocean countries for their tiki hut or tiki bar construction. At the same time, nylon tahiti thatch roof tiles are excellent for UV rays resistant and also has great fire rated performance if you are theme park owner, resort hotel designers, landscape park architects, ranch farmer, construction or contracting company for palapa, welcome you to contact us for the nylon tahiti thatch roof covering.

1. Features of synthetic tahiti thatch roof:



Regular Size:  

▲ Common nylon thatch: 500x450mm

▲ Or customize if the quantity is workable.

Quantity for 1 Square Meter Roof:

8-10 pieces are better.


Available. Nylon thatch has more stable fire rated performance than thatch of other materials.


Need to install waterproof membrane on the bottom, except palm thatch roof.


We only use new material for production, and we have test equipment to make sure the synthetic thatch roof could work long lifespan under strong UV environment.

2. Photos of our artificial tahiti thatch roof designs:

Plastic tahiti thatch roof panels for pacific countries in Oceania area

3. Why nylon materials for faux tahiti thatch?

For tropical ocean weather, nylon materials are excellent for production of faux tahiti thatch roof tiles due to below reasons:

1) For tropical ocean weather, it is always high humidity environment. In the high humidity environment, nylon thatch roof has long lifespan.

2) Nylon thatch roof has excellent UV retardant performance. For tropical countries, the UV rays are so strong, compared with the materials such as PP, nylon thatch tiles have great advantage.

3) Nylon thatch roof tiles have much stable fire rated performance compared with PE thatch tiles. 

Nylon tahiti thatch roof for tiki hut structures in tropical countries

4) Nylon thatch tiles have fluffy looking. It is great choice for tiki bar construction.

4. Quality issues in the market for plastic tahiti thatch roof and our measures:

◭ The normal quality issues include:

1) Using not genuine materials

2) Not use correct additives of UV retardant and antioxidant

3) The additives are not compound type so that the UV retardant and antioxidant are not strong enough

4) Do not have necessary test equipment for the materials

That above will cause the decay for plastic tahiti thatch tiles under strong UV environment:

Decay of plastic thatch roof tiles under strong sunshine if not using correct materials and additives

◭ Our measures normally include:

1) Using the correct material types and make sure they are new materials

2) Put compound UV-retardant and antioxidant additives for production together

3) Set up test equipment to check the material always

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If you have questions or suggestions,please leave us a message,we will reply you as soon as we can!
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