Pawid Thatch Roof
Luxury Waterfront Villa Pawid Thatch Roof Design

Imitation Pawid Thatch Tiles for Luxury Villa Roof Design

Beatles Co., could finish the synthetic pawid thatch roof production with fast delivery service for you. Artificial pawid thatch products could be made to yellow, grey color or other colors. The regular size is 500x450mm and could be customized for bigger sizes too.

  • Order(MOQ):

    1000 pieces
  • Goods Stock:

  • Product Origin:

    Xiamen, China
  • Lead Time:

    15-30 days
  • Weight:


Our imitation pawid thatch tiles for sale are wind and rain resistant and allow hot air to escape providing a cool shaded space under the hut buildings. Therefore, artificial pawid thatch roof provide great alternative roofing design solutions for luxury waterfront villas. Synthetic pawid thatched roof structures can provide shade, and a place for outdoor entertainment of the villas. Imitation pawid thatch roof covering can transform the look of villa backyard with a relatively small investment for the long term, as plastic pawid thatch roof is using genuine material to match different areas' weather, and they could last long lifespan.

1. Features of artificial pawid thatch roof:




500x450mm or customized

◭ Weight:

800-1000g/piece normally

Quantity for 1 square meter roof:

8-12 pieces


10-15 years or more

Fire retardant:

7 indexes rank the best under UL-94

 Product photo:

Synthetic Pawid thatch roof designs for waterfront villa construction in tropical ocean countries for Pacific areas

2. Advantages of fake pawid thatch roof tiles:

◭ Not rot, not decay compared with natural materials

◭ No to be harmed by fungi, worms, or birds

◭ Easy to install

◭ Uniform looking of natural feeling

◭ No need maintenance

◭ Fire resistance available

◭ Environmentally-friendly materials and 100% Recyclable

◭ Superior comfort (greater than natural roofing) with cooler temperatures under roof

◭ Less labor costs

◭ Less insurance cost for your property

◭ Less transport costs

◭ Snow-resistant

Advantages of synthetic pawid thatch roof covering materials for resort villa bungalow guest rooms

3. Plastic pawid thatch roof application for villa building designs:

As reliable thatch suppliers, Beatles Co., are offering various options for styles and colors of artificial pawid thatched roof materials for our clients in various countries with high quality and fast production speed, to help you build their dream villa buildings:

▲ Cottage villa thatch roof

▲ Bungalow villa thatch roof guest room

▲ Garden landscapes villa thatch roof

▲ Hot springs sunshade villa thatch roof

▲ Theme parks villa thatch roof

▲ Resorts villa thatch roof garden pergola

▲ Seaside sunshade villa thatch roof

▲ Water recreation villa thatch roof

▲ Tropical villa thatch roof

▲ Backyard shelters villa thatch roof

▲ Tourism pavilion villa thatch roof

Waterfront villa roof design with artificial pawid thatch roof materials from China

4. Why we are professional artificial pawid thatch roof supplier:

◭ Our experience and strategy

Beatles Co., has been engaged in the researching and manufacturing field of synthetic thatch roof materials for more than 10 years. With the focus strategy in this field, we have gained enough know-how and experience for supplying reliable thatch products to the market.

◭ Our business principle

Compared with many peering competitors in the market, we have insisted in some principles. We will not try to win the orders that may bring you troubles caused by quality issues. We believe only mutual beneficial relationship is helpful for long term cooperation. And we think, not all orders deserve our attention. We only focus on the clients who accept our quality principle.

◭ Genuine materials

We only use genuine materials for artificial thatch roof manufacturing. Recycled plastic materials will cause decay easily. The decay may happen in a year or even two-three months.

Decay issue of artificial thatch roof materials caused by material problems

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Leave A Message
If you have questions or suggestions,please leave us a message,we will reply you as soon as we can!
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