Thatch Roof Application
Fake Thatch Roof Materials For Pergola Roof Replacement

Colorful Fake Nipa Thatch for Pergola Roof Maintenance

Beatles Co., produces more than 30 models of different fake thatch roof materials, include fake palm thatch, simulated reed thatch roof, artificial nipa thatch roof, etc. We could ship our synthetic nipa thatch covering panels to various countries in the world.

  • Order(MOQ):

    1000 pieces
  • Goods Stock:

  • Product Origin:

    Xiamen, China
  • Lead Time:

    15-30 days
  • Weight:


Fake nipa thatch roofs offer a range of color options, allowing clients to choose a shade that suits the architectural style and design preferences of their thatch roof structures such as nipa hut, wooden shelter, tree house or beach hotel gazebo. Whether it's a traditional nipa hut or a modern villa, synthetic nipa thatch roofs can provide an authentic tropical look while offering customization possibilities. Plastic nipa thatch roofs require minimal maintenance compared to natural materials such as palm tree leaf thatch, alang alang thatch, straw thatch roof, etc. They do not need regular replacement or repairs due to rot or pest infestations. This feature can save time and resources for property owners, making synthetic thatch roofs an attractive option for those seeking a low-maintenance roofing solution.

1. Features of artificial nipa thatch roof:




500x450mm or customized


500-650g/piece for LLDPE thatch roof

400-500g/piece for Nylon thatch

Quantity for 1 square meter roof:

8-12 pieces


10-15 years or more

Fire retardant:

7 indexes rank the best under UL-94

 Product photo:

Beatles Co., produces various styles of artificial nipa hut thatch roof for the market. You could find colorful choices of below:

Resort hotel beach bungalow villa artificial straw thatch roofing panels

2. Faux nipa thatch roof panels could could be easily installed on below roof structures:

● Metal corrugated panel (with steel wire mesh to be fixed on the corrugated panel at first)

● Plywood roof panel

● Wooden purlin or rafters (need to ensure the precise spacing of the purlin or rafters)

● Gable thatch roof

● Gambrel roof building

● Mansard roof top

● Hip roof top

● Flat roof top

● Circular barn roof

Plastic nipa thatch roof tiles for use of Gable, Gambrel, Mansard, Hip roof, Circular barn roof

3. Advantages of buying synthetic thatch roofing from us:

▧ Production:

Quick delivery, 15-30 days for production normally. Depends on your quantity.

▧ Transport:

Convenient transport by sea freight transportation from China to various countries.

▧ Choices:

More than 30 styles for choices.

▧ Durability:

We are only using new materials for the production of the artificial thatch roof.

The materials of our synthetic thatch roof alternatives are under our UV retardant test.

▧ Our UV retardant test equipment:

UV proof test equipment for synthetic thatch roof alternatives

UV-proof test equipment for plastic nipa hut thatch roof

▧ Prices:

As a China manufacturer, Beatles Co., could offer more competitive prices than Canada (Palmex), America (Endureed), South Africa (Fiber Thatch) and Indonesia (Viro) manufacturers.

4. MOQ policy for synthetic thatch roof panels:

As synthetic thatch roof panels are big size products, it is made to order always. However, Beatles Co., has flexible minimum order quantity policy for our clients to meet their request for different scales of project.

Common thatch roof:

Except synthetic palm thatch roof, nylon thatch roof, for other types of synthetic thatch roof, we could cooperate with you for your project even your quantity is not more than 1000 pieces.

Synthetic palm thatch roof:

MOQ is required to be no less than 1000 pieces.

Nylon thatch roof:

As each individual production of nylon material has lots of waste, it is required to have at least 2000 pieces as MOQ, otherwise, it is not economic for production.

5. Artificial nipa thatch product customization according to your project request:

We could customize colorful various artificial nipa thatch for your projects:

◭ Colors: Grey, Brown, Orange, Green, Red, etc.

◭ Size: For most of 500x450mm, we could make 1000x450mm.

◭ Texture: The texture could be adjusted as per your request.

◭ Thatch strip holder: Could change according to your request.

◭ Thatch strip width

◭ Fireproof or not could be adjusted.

◭ Weight of the thatch products

The above indexes could be customized according to your project drawings or product photos. You could send us your tender document or specification or your project landscape designs to discuss further:

Artificial nipa thatch product customization according to your bahay kubo thatch roof project request

6. Export of synthetic nipa thatch roof to Philippines:

We could export directly to Philippines.

◭ Port available: Manila; Davao; Cebu.

◭ DDP services available for Manila: 

For clients near Manila, we could help you arrange customs clearance, pay customs duty and VAT, you just pick up cargo in Manila.

◭ Local distributor: 

Available. If you need local distributor to assist you, just feel free to let us know.

◭ For some other areas, if your quantity is enough to fit a container, we could provide door to door services too (DDP), such as Batangas.

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If you have questions or suggestions,please leave us a message,we will reply you as soon as we can!
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