Attap Thatch Roof
Scenic Spot Sunshade Imitation Attap Thatch Roof Tiles

Artificial Attap Thatch for Tourism Attraction Buildings

Synthetic attap thatch panel is helpful for creating aesthetic pleasing buildings for tourism attractions. Faux attap dwelling thatch tiles are durable, fire rated and free from maintenance.

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    1000 pieces
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    Xiamen, China
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    15-30 days
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Artificial attap thatch roofing is a practical and attractive option for scenic spot buildings, offering the look of natural thatch without the maintenance and safety concerns. Artificial attap thatch panel is also available in a variety of styles and colors to suit different building designs and aesthetics. Even though plastic attap thatch roofing is more expensive than natural thatch roof materials in the short term, but consider it has much longer lifespan than natural thatch products, it is more economic than natural materials after synthetic thatch put into use for more than 5 years in tourism attractions.

1. Features of artificial attap thatch roof:


PE, Nylon or PVC

Regular Size:

500x450mm, or customize if the quantity is workable.

Quantity for 1 Square Meter Roof: 

8-10 pieces are better.




Need to install waterproof membrane on the bottom

2. Photos of most popular synthetic attap thatch roof:

High quality plastic attap thatch roofing from China manufacturer

3. Application of plastic attap thatch products:

The main benefits of artificial attap thatch roofing is its durability and low maintenance requirements. Unlike natural thatch, which needs to be periodically replaced and treated to prevent mold and decay, artificial thatch can last for decades with little upkeep. Plastic fake attap thatch roof covering could be used for resort lodge roof repairs, beach bungalow villla thatch roof, private attap dwelling thatch covering, palapa cabana, overwater bungalow, tiki hut restaurant, bali hut, pavilion roof construction, etc. For tourism attraction scenic spot, synthetic attap roof tiles could be used for the construction of below:

1) Chalet thatch roofing

2) Kampung house thatch roof covering

3) Pondok hut construction

4) Bilik thatch roof repair

Plastic attap thatch roof tiles for Chalet, Kampung house, Pondok hut and Bilik thatch roof repair in Malaysia

4. Why choose us for artificial attap roof tiles:

Among our synthetic thatched roof, nylon material is most durable materials for producing synthetic thatch roof in tropical ocean countries, as its excellent stableness in equator weather. The lifespan could be 10-20 years. We could provide 10 years warranty. And it is very fluffy, could help you keep your villa house roof's natural feeling. Welcome you to contact us for more details! For other materials such as PE, PVC, we also use new materials and UV retardant and antioxidant materials for production to ensure the durability. And at the same time, compared with many peering companies, we have our own UV retardant test equipment to ensure we could have suitable materials to supply high quality products for you:

▧ Our UV-proof accelerated test equipment:

UV-proof test equipment to ensure high quality level of faux attap thatch roofing

▧ UV retardant test record:

UV-proof test record for plastic attap thatch roof covering tiles

5. Products to match your attap thatch roof designs:

Welcome various clients to contact us for your request, no matter you are property owners, real estate developers, architects, landscape designers, contractors, or construction companies. We could send you our catalog and product list for your choice of the style. And according to your drawing, we could recommend product type for you too.

Synthetic attap thatch roof for water villa theme park design

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If you have questions or suggestions,please leave us a message,we will reply you as soon as we can!
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