Lapa Thatch Roof
Fireproof Lapa Fake Reed Thatched Roof

Artificial Fireproof Lapa Fake Reed Thatch Roof Designs

Fire-resistant artificial lapa thatched roofs are made from nylon or PE materials and are perfect for creating a thatched roof effect with high aesthetic value for your guests! Choose high quality artificial lapa thatch products from certified Chinese thatch roofing tile manufacturers at the best prices here!

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    1000 pieces
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    Xiamen, China
  • Lead Time:

    15-30 days
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Lapa Fake Reed Thatch is a unique artificial thatched roofing solution that is durable, permanent and requires no maintenance at all! It will give your hotel or resort the perfect traditional tropical look and help you save on maintenance costs. Lapa thatch is a traditional roofing technique that has been part of building construction around the world for hundreds of years. Whether it is a private residential project for living space, or a commercial project for a resort, theme park; whether the Lapa structure is new, re-covered or simply thatched roof repaired, we are always at your disposal to provide you with advice and competitive prices.

1. Features of synthetic reed thatch roof:

HDPE, Nylon
#Regular size: 500x450mm
#Palm thatch roof size: 1000x600mm
#Viva palm thatch roofing: 1000x660mm
Quantity for 1 square meter roofing:
Normally 8 pieces of synthetic thatch roofing is enough for 1 square meter roof.
Nylon thatch could be 15-20 years lifespan. 

2. Some of our artificial reed thatch roof products:

Synthetic Reed Thatch Roof

3. Our advantages:

◭ Material: Our artificial lapa reed thatch is made with new HDPE materials (not recycled material), longer lifespan than market level. 
◭ Convenient transportation:  Our city has international sea port and airport, easy to deliver cargo all over the world.
◭ Fast delivery: We have many production facilities, for huge order, we could finish the production much faster than many competitors.
◭ Professional services: We have long history and experience in fake lapa thatch production, could give you many advices and suggest for your installation.
◭ Other synthetic thatch accessories available: We could supply you synthetic thatch eave tile, synthetic ridge thatch, synthetic valley thatch tiles according to your request.
◭ Customization: We could arrange customization for your thatched roof project request in a fast way.
◭ Test report: We could arrange test report for you by SGS or ITS if you need, cost to be beard by buyer.
◭ Other assistance: We could help you purchase some other necessary materials.

4. Application of imitation reed thatch roof:

Imitation lapa thatch roof tiles could be used for resort lodge roof repairs, palapa cabana, overwater bungalow, tiki hut restaurant, bali hut, pavilion roof construction, etc. You can create a unique and realistic effect that is suitable for any roof, and has been used in every type of location where design is as important as functionality – residential, hotels, restaurants, stores, park, bungalow, cottage, etc.
===Suitable for thatched roof covering island buildings below:
===Island overwater bungalow
===Island waterfront cottage
===Patio gazebo
===Amusement park sunshade
===Bus station shed
===Tiki hut restaurant
===Tree house roof

5.Order Process:

Faux Lapa Fake Reed Thatched Roof

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Leave A Message
If you have questions or suggestions,please leave us a message,we will reply you as soon as we can!
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