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Customizable Synthetic Thatch Roof for Rural Restaurants

High Quality Gazebo Plastic Rattan Thatched Roofs Wholesale

Simulated thatch Rattan for sale can be matched into a variety of thatched colors. The longer time fake thatch roof is installed, the more realistic color will be. The synthetic rattan thatch installation is simple, and there is no workload for repair and replacement after installation.

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    1000 pieces
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    Xiamen, China
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One of the key advantages of synthetic rattan thatch roofing is its durability. Unlike natural thatch, which can deteriorate over time due to weathering, pests, and decay, synthetic rattan thatch is resistant to these factors. Artificial rattan thatch roof tile is designed to withstand harsh weather conditions, including heavy rain, strong winds, and intense sunlight, while maintaining its structural integrity and aesthetic appeal.

1. Features of faux rattan thatch roof:

▧ Material:


▧ Regular Size:  

500x450mm, or customize if the quantity is workable.

▧ Quantity for 1 Square Meter Roof:

8-10 pieces are better.

▧ Fireproof:


▧ Colors:

Various colors available for your choice.

2. Faux Rattan thatch VS natural Rattan thatch:

Faux rattan thatched roof is more uniform looking, no decay, more options for choice, so, faux thatch roof always looks more vivid than natural thatch roof covering. Below is the comparison photo:

Faux raffia thatch roof VS natural raffia thatch roof for commercial applications

3. Fire retardant certificate for artificial rattan thatch roof tiles:

For gazebo, tiki hut or restaurant thatch roof project, fire rated performance is more important index than the use of other fields for thatch roof materials. With proper formula of fire-retardant additives for production together, artificial rattan thatch products could have some extent of fire rated performance, that will protect your restaurant from fire disaster and reduce your insurance cost for the thatch roof properties. We use PE as the main materials for artificial thatch roof weaving, this material produces less smoke than other resin materials, so, it is good for reducing the risk of the smoke's harm to people's health when thatch roof is used for interior restaurant decoration. Below is our fire-retardant test report by SGS:

Fire retardant certificate for artificial makuti thatch roof tiles

4. Advantages of plastic rattan thatch roof panels:

Besides uniform and vivid looking, rattan thatch also has many other various advantages for your palapa buildings, such as:


Rattan thatch could shed the water away from the roof structures


Putting fireproof additives, we could supply fireproof artificial rattan thatch roof


HDPE is very durable material, enable HDPE rattan thatch very long lifespan

Easy to install:

Artificial rattan thatch could be easily installed on various roof structures, such as plywood, corrugated steel panel, or just wooden rafter and purlin.

No need maintenance:

There are no rot, fungi could damage the thatched roof. No birds, no worms would harm the roof too.


Compared with regular thatched roof materials, synthetic rattan roof could be installed with fixing rail and windproof clips, that will greatly enhance the windproof performance of the palapa's thatched roof.

Benefits of plastic rattan thatch roof for gazebo construction

5. Application of imitation rattan thatch roof panels:

Imitation rattan thatch roof covering panels for sale could be used for resort lodge roof repairs, bahay kubo roof, palapa cabana, overwater bungalow, tiki hut restaurant, bali hut, pavilion roof construction, etc. You can use artificial thatch to create a unique and realistic effect that is suitable for any gazebo roof, and has been used in every type of location where design is as important as functionality – residential, hotels, restaurants, stores, park, bungalow, cottage, etc. Other applications include:

◭ Overwater park gazebo

◭ Waterfront zoo gazebo

◭ Private patio gazebo

◭ Amusement park sunshade gazebo

◭ Bus station shed

◭ Gazebo restaurant

◭ Tourism rest area gazebo

Imitation rattan thatch roof panels for gazebo, cottage, pavilion, palapa, tiki huts

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If you have questions or suggestions,please leave us a message,we will reply you as soon as we can!
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