Straw Thatch Roof
LLDPE Plastic Straw Thatch Roof Sheet
LLDPE Plastic Straw Thatch Roof Sheet

Presidential Water Villa LLDPE Plastic Straw Thatch Roof Sheet

Presidential Water Villa LLDPE Plastic Straw Thatch Roof Sheet has strong corrosion resistance and is very easy to install and maintain. It is the best choice for holiday resort decoration.
  • Order(MOQ):

    1000 pieces
  • Product Origin:

    Xiamen, China
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  • Lead Time:

    15-30 days
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Presidential Water Villa LLDPE Plastic Straw Thatch Roof Sheet

Factory direct Water Villa LLDPE Plastic Straw Thatch Roof Sheet are supplied in Beatles Co., for various wooden building roof replacement. Competitive prices, fast delivery, excellent UV-proof, fireproof are the advantages of our synthetic gazebo thatch roof materials.

Our LLDPE Plastic Straw Thatch Roof Sheet is ideal for a luxury house by the sea or commercial areas such as resort hotel, theme park gazebo, tiki bar restaurant. LLDPE Plastic Straw Thatch Roof Sheet are designed to resist the common problems of a natural thatch roof without compromising its beauty.

1. Features of LLDPE Plastic Straw Thatch Roof Sheet:


PE, Nylon or PVC

Some options for thatch strips:


Regular Size:  

1)Palm thatch: 1000x600mm
2)Viva palm thatch: 1000x660mm
3)Other PE or nylon thatch: 500x450mm
4)Or customize if the quantity is workable.

Quantity for 1 Square Meter Roof: 

8-10 pieces are better.




Need to install waterproof membrane on the bottom, except palm thatch roof.


We only use new material for production, and we have test equipment to make sure the synthetic thatch roof could works long lifespan under strong UV environment.

2Synthetic straw thatch roof designs:

3.Application of plastic rice straw thatch roof:

In Korea, artificial straw thatch roof is used for traditional Korean choga pavilion house construction. 

==Residential Use:

Customers use our synthetic rice straw thatch as roofing to beautify exterior surroundings. Cover the following types of structures with layers of artificial thatch to make an authentic tropical style garden building:

▲ Home choga house

▲ Backyard cabanas

▲ Teahouses

▲ Farmhouses


==Commercial Use:

Our synthetic straw thatch roof could assist companies with adding a tropical flair to your spaces. Our synthetic thatch products can enhance any commercial space, whether the owners need them for profit or not:

▲ Theme parks

▲ Zoo park pavilions

▲ Tourism restaurants

▲ Resort hotel pergolas

▲ Retail stores eave roof

▲ Beach umbrellas or parasol

▲ Garden gazebos

▲ School pergola shade

▲ Marketplace

▲ Fair booth

▲ Parking lot shade

4.Other advantages of plastic straw thatched roof:

1UV Retardant:

UV retardant additives are put together in the material production. And we have UV retardant test equipments to test the material to make sure the thatched roof materials could work in harsh environments, such as tropical countries.

2 Fireproof:

Putting fireproof additives, we could supply fireproof imitation straw roofing. Our thatched roof tiles have very stable fireproof performance, below are some of our fireproof test reports:

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If you have questions or suggestions,please leave us a message,we will reply you as soon as we can!
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