Artificial Bamboo Stick
Distinctive Artificial Bamboo Fence Poles for Gazebos

Villa Garden Synthetic Bamboo Canes Fence

Villa Garden Plastic Bamboo Stalks Fence with a variety of diameters for your choice. These fake bamboo sticks are fantastic for walls, ceilings, fences, gazebo, or palapa structures in parks, or restaurant.

Add Fake Bamboo Sticks Fence panels to your garden or park. Use imitation bamboo stcik panel as garden fencing to keep animals out or enhance your yard's beauty. Synthetic bamboo panel is durable for outdoor use. The length could be customized as per your request. There are many diameters for your options, and the colors could be custom too if the quantity is enough.

1. Features of artificial bamboo poles:


HDPE, Nylon, and ASA

HDPE is best for both economic and weatherproof


15mm; 20mm; 26mm; 36mm; 48mm; 68mm; 80mm; 105mm


Could be made with designated length


Fire retardant


2. Plastic bamboo poles photos:

Faux bamboo is made of PVC pipe and painted to look real bamboo poles

3. Why Choose Synthetic Bamboo Canes?

Durability: Plastic bamboo poles are highly durable and resistant to scratches, ensuring their long-lasting appearance.

Availability: Fake bamboo poles are readily available, eliminating the waiting time associated with natural bamboo sourcing.

UV Resistance: These poles are UV resistant, maintaining their color and structural integrity even with prolonged sun exposure.

Optional Chlorine Treatment: Imitation bamboo poles can undergo chlorine treatment for enhanced moisture and pest resistance.

Cost-Effectiveness: Although the initial investment may be higher, synthetic bamboo poles offer long-term savings due to their minimal maintenance and durability in various weather conditions.

4. Application of fake bamboo poles:

Synthetic bamboo sticks could be used as fencing, ceiling or wall cladding for construction of bamboo bar, bamboo balcony, bamboo pergola, bamboo gazebo, bamboo house, bamboo hut, bamboo terrace, bamboo shed, etc.

Plastic artificial HDPE bamboo tubes to be used for fencing or wall cladding of tiki hut, palapa, terrace, tree house, bungalow, home villa

5. Transport and delivery:

▧ Transportation:  

Our city has international sea port and airport, easy to deliver cargo all over the world.

 Fast delivery:

We have many production facilities, for huge order, we could finish the production much faster than many competitors.

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If you have questions or suggestions,please leave us a message,we will reply you as soon as we can!
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